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What Happens When We Die?

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UPDATE (October 2012): A new and more expanded article on this topic – titled “When We Die” – can now be found on this site at http://secretdoctrine.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/when-we-die/. Please enjoy both articles!

From the Teachings of the Master Kuthumi & Madame Blavatsky

“At the solemn moment of death every man, even when death is sudden, sees the whole of his past life [the one just lived] marshalled before him, in its minutest details. For one short instant the PERSONAL becomes one with the INDIVIDUAL and all-knowing EGO. But this instant is enough to show to him the whole chain of causes which have been at work during his life. He sees and now understands himself as he is, unadorned by flattery or self-deception. He reads his life, remaining as a spectator looking down into the arena he is quitting; he feels and knows the justice of all the suffering that has overtaken him.” – HPB

This happens to everyone without any exception.

“Very good and holy men see, we are taught, not only the life they are leaving, but even several preceding lives in which were produced the causes that made them what they were in the life just closing. They recognise the law of Karma in all its majesty and justice.” – HPB

The “Bardo” – a Tibetan term meaning the period between death and rebirth – is described by the Masters and HPB as consisting of three sub-periods…

HPB (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky) spent several years near Shigatse, Tibet receiving direct teaching and training from the Master Morya and Master Koot Hoomi (the true founders of the Theosophical Society), in preparation for her monumental work as a direct agent of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood of the Great White Lodge.

#1. When the individual passes away, their 2nd (Linga Sharira) and 3rd (Prana) Principles die along with their physical body and what then remains is a “surviving quaternary” of the 4th (Kama), 5th (Manas), 6th (Buddhi), and 7th (Atma) Principles. [For more information about the 7 Principles, please see “The Seven Principles” – http://secretdoctrine.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/the-seven-principles/] This quaternary consists of a lower duality and an upper duality. It enters into Kama Loka, which is the subjective atmosphere and attraction of our planet, and remains there from anywhere between a few minutes to a number of years, during which time a “struggle” or “battle”, a type of purification and purging process, is going on. The Masters seem to imply that all this occurs unconsciously for the individual. In 99% of cases it is the upper duality which wins and the lower duality is therefore defeated.

#2. The Monad (the conjunction of Atma-Buddhi), having attracted to itself “the quintessence of good from the 5th – its nobler affections, its saintly (though they be earthly) aspirations, and the most Spiritualised portions of its mind” then enters into the Gestation State. This period is usually a long one, “longer sometimes than you may even imagine, yet proportionate to the Ego’s spiritual stamina.” Meanwhile, the now empty shell of the 4th and 5th Principles (Kama-Manas) remains to float around or roam around in Kama Loka with half the personal memory gone and the more animalistic instincts fully alive for a certain period. These shells, which eventually fade out and disintegrate altogether, are the so-called “spirit guides”, “angels”, “departed souls” etc. which the average medium or channel comes in contact with.

#3. The manasically imbued Monad is then “reborn in the Rupa-Loka of Deva-Chan.” Deva Chan is a term meaning “abode of the gods” and is a state rather than a place. It is the Heaven of the individual’s dreams, unwittingly created out of their own consciousness, and is the pure state of heavenly paradise that corresponds exactly to the conception of Heaven that they had held during their physical lifetime. The time spent in Deva Chan lasts in proportion to the good karma previously accrued by the individual, after which the Monad is again reincarnated. “Every effect must be proportionate to the cause.” The Devachanic state can last for “years, decades, centuries, and millenniums, oftentimes multiplied by something more…an Ego is born thither then begins fading out and finally ‘dies’, i.e. falls into that unconscious condition which precedes rebirth…they leave a world of bliss to be reborn in a world of causes.”

“Who goes to Deva Chan? The personal Ego of course, but beatified, purified, holy. Every Ego – the combination of the 6th and 7th principles – which, after the period of unconscious gestation is reborn into the Deva-Chan, is of necessity as innocent and pure as a new-born babe.” – K.H.

“The Karma (of evil) steps aside for the time being to follow him in his future earth-reincarnation, he brings along with him but the Karma of his good deeds, words, and thoughts into this Deva-Chan.” – K.H.

“The new Ego once that it is reborn [into the Deva Chan], retains for a certain time – proportionate to its Earth-life, a ‘complete recollection of his life on earth.’ But it can NEVER return on earth [while not in physical incarnation], from the Deva Chan, nor has the latter any resemblance to the paradise or heaven of any religion.” – K.H.

“All those who have not slipped down into the mire of unredeemable sin and bestiality – go to the Deva Chan. They will have to pay for their sins, voluntary and involuntary, later on. Meanwhile, they are rewarded; receive the effects of the causes produced by them.” – K.H.

“Of course it is a state, one, so to say, of INTENSE SELFISHNESS, during which an Ego reaps the reward of his UNSELFISHNESS on earth. He is completely engrossed in the bliss of all his personal earthly affections, preferences and thoughts, and gathers in the fruit of his meritorious actions. No pain, no grief nor even the shadow of a sorrow comes to darken the bright horizon of his unalloyed happiness: for, IT IS A STATE OF PERPETUAL ‘MAYA’ [illusion].” – K.H.

Deva Chan is really an ILLUSION OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, a happy dream, and only those who have lost entirely every desire for, or possibility of being entangled with, the world’s illusions may pass on to NIRVANA after physical death.

“That sense will be equally that of a dream in the Deva-Chan – only a hundred fold intensified. So much so, indeed, that the happy Ego is unable to see through the veil the evils, sorrows and woes to which those it loved on earth may be subjected to. It lives in that sweet dream with its loved ones – whether gone before, or yet remaining on earth; it has them near itself, as happy, as blissful and as innocent as the disembodied dreamer himself.” – K.H.

Our loved ones do not come down to us on earth, for they CANNOT but our own souls are raised at times towards those in the Deva Chan.

“There are great varieties in the Deva-Chan states…It is an ideated paradise, in each case of the Ego’s own making, and by him filled with the scenery, crowded with the incidents, and thronged with the people he would expect to find in such a sphere of compensative bliss” … “Everything is so harmoniously adjusted in nature – especially in the subjective world, that no mistake can be ever committed by the Tathagatas – or Dhyan Chohans – who guide the impulses.” … “Say – it is but a dream, but after all what is objective life itself but a panorama of vivid unrealities?” – K.H.

All our links with departed loved ones are not truly fully severed, for “love beyond the grave, illusion though you may call it, has a magic and divine potency which reacts on the living. A mother’s Ego filled with love for the imaginary children it sees near itself, living a life of happiness, as real to it as when on earth – that love will always be felt by the children in the flesh. It will manifest in their dreams, and often in various events – in PROVIDENTIAL protections and escapes, for love is a strong shield, and is not limited by space or time. As with this Devachanic ‘mother,’ so with the rest of human relationships and attachments, save the purely selfish or material.” – HPB

“Every one but that ego which, attracted by its gross magnetism, falls into the current that will draw it into the ‘planet of Death’ – the mental as well as physical satellite of our earth – is fitted to pass into a relative ‘spiritual’ condition adjusted to his previous condition in life and mode of thought.” – K.H.

“All that which constituted during life the SPIRITUAL bundle of experiences, the noblest aspirations, undying affections, and UNSELFISH nature of Mr A or Mrs B clings for the time of the Devachanic period to the Ego, which is identified with the spiritual portion of that terrestrial Entity, now passed away out of sight. The ACTOR is so imbued with the role just played by him that he dreams of it [having not realised that he is in fact a spiritual Individuality behind that material Personality] during the whole Devachanic night, which VISION continues till the hour strikes for him to return to the stage of life to enact another part.” – HPB

“As soon as it has stepped outside the KAMA-LOKA, and crossed the ‘Golden Bridge’ leading to the ‘Seven Golden Mountains’ the Ego can confabulate no more, with easy-going mediums.” – K.H.

Those who have committed suicide and those killed by accident can however be contacted BY and THROUGH mediums but to the eventual extreme detriment of both.

Suicides and those killed by accident “have to remain within the earth’s attraction, and in its atmosphere – the KAMA-LOKA – till the very last moment of what would have been the natural duration of their lives. In other words, that particular wave of life-evolution must run on to its shore.” – K.H.

“But it is a sin and cruelty to revive their memory and intensify their suffering by giving them a chance of living an artificial life; a chance to OVERLOAD THEIR KARMA, by tempting them into open doors, viz., mediums and sensitives, for they will have to pay roundly for every such pleasure. I will explain. The suicides, who, foolishly hoping to escape life, found themselves still alive, – have suffering enough in store for them from that very life. Their punishment is in the intensity of the latter. Having lost by the rash act their 7th and 6th principles, though not for ever, as they can regain both – instead of accepting their punishment, and taking their chances of redemption, they are often made to regret life and tempted to regain a hold upon it by sinful means. In the Kama-Loka, the land of intense desires, they can gratify their earthly yearnings but through a LIVING proxy; and by so doing, at the expiration of the natural term, they generally lose their MONAD for ever.” … “And now, you may understand why we oppose so strongly Spiritualism and mediumship.” – K.H.

“The rule is, that a person who dies a natural death, will remain from ‘a few hours to several short years,’ within the earth’s attraction, i.e., in the KAMA-LOKA. But exceptions are, in the cases of suicides and those who die a violent death in general. Hence, one of such Egos, for instance, who was destined to live – say 80 or 90 years, but who either killed himself or was killed by some accident, let us suppose at the age of 20 – would have to pass in the KAMA LOKA not ‘a few years,’ but in his case 60 or 70 years, as an Elementary, or rather an ‘earth-walker’; since he is not, unfortunately for him, even a ‘shell.’” – K.H.

Victims of Accidents

* If truly good and pure – they are drawn immediately within the AKASHIC SAMADHI, i.e. they “fall into a state of quiet slumber, a sleep full of rosy dreams, during which, they have no recollection of the accident, but move and live among their familiar friends and scenes, until their natural life term is finished, when they find themselves born in the Deva Chan.”

* If sinful and sensual – “a gloomy fate is theirs. Unhappy shades, if sinful and sensual they wander about – (not SHELLS, for their connection with their two higher principles is not quite broken) – until their death-hour comes. Cut off in the full flesh of earthly passions which bind them to familiar scenes, they are enticed by the opportunities which mediums afford, to gratify them vicariously.” – K.H.

Atheists and materialists very often fail to have a self-conscious survival after death. “The interval between the two lives will be like the unbroken and placid sleep of a child, either entirely dreamless, or filled with pictures of which he will have no definite perception; while for the average mortal it will be a dream as vivid as life and full of realistic bliss and visions.” – HPB

“In order to live in the world to come a conscious life, one has to believe first of all in that life during the terrestrial existence.” EVERYTHING is a matter of CONSCIOUSNESS. “According to the afterlife a man has believed in and expected, such is the life he will have. He who expected no life to come will have an absolute blank, amounting to annihilation, in the interval between the two re-births.” – HPB

In closing – a note on the nonsense and danger of Spiritualism

Deva Chan or the Heaven World (call it what you will) is a place – or rather a state – of supreme and perfect bliss and paradise. And as such, logic tells us that no sorrow or even a shade of pain can be experienced therein. But if departed souls are able to “look down” or “return in spirit” and see all that’s going on on Earth and especially in their homes, what kind of bliss or paradise can that be? The problem is that people don’t stop and THINK about these things.

According to the doctrine of the Spiritualists, we unfortunate human beings are not liberated from the sorrows of this life even by death! Imagine a departed mother looking down upon, or invisibly visiting, or automatically being attuned with, her former home, in the days, weeks, months, and years after her passing and observing and feeling – completely helplessly – the sorrows, the sadness, the suffering, the mistakes etc. of her dear loved ones, from whom she is now severed by death and unable to help, comfort, or contact. Can this be bliss?!? That would be even more hellish than life on earth. And yet all the “spirits” or “departed souls” involved in spiritualism and mediumship claim to be perfectly happy and at peace. This should at once raise our suspicions about the validity of spiritualism and mediumship.

By MW, May 2012

NOTE: The above quotes attributed to “HPB” are from Madame Blavatsky, mainly from her excellent book “The Key to Theosophy”, which I highly recommend and those attributed to “K.H.” are from the Master Koot Hoomi (also written Kuthumi) and excerpted from a number of his letters as published in “The Mahatma Letters”, another highly recommended book from Theosophical University Press. For further inform

ation about some of the topics discussed in this article, please see “An Invitation to The Secret Doctrine” (http://secretdoctrine.wordpress.com/an-invitat

ion-to-the-secret-doctrine/) and “The Seven Principles” (http://secretdoctrine.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/the-seven-principles/). Those statements above which are in square brackets or in paragraphs without quotation marks are written by myself where I have felt it necessary to offer further explanation.

UPDATE (October 2012): A new and more expanded article on this topic – titled “When We Die” – can now be found on this site at http://secretdoctrine.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/when-we-die/. Please enjoy both articles!


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